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Eduard Marbach

FullStack Developer

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About Me

Hi! I am software developer from Germany. I am interested in state of the art technologies and especially in DevOps strategies. Improving the building and deployment mechanisms with docker and kubernetes.

Aside from tech i am interested in sports like bouldering and fitness. Also i am fan of hiking and climbing.

Latest Projects

Work Experience

Fullstack Developer - Daimler AG - ITO (06/2018 - Present)

  • WebApp Development
  • Development on Switch (Framework for WebApps)
  • Project-Lead and Development of production application MO Connect
  • Development and Establishment of Daimler Styleguide
  • Different backend and infrastructure projects
  • Driving DevOps strategy base on CI/CD pipelines via Gitlab and Azure DevOps
  • Docker, Kubernetes, DHC (Daimler Hybrid Cloud)
  • Agile Coordinator

Working student (Software engineer) - Daimler AG - ITD (07/2017 - 05/2018)

  • Machine Learning, App-Development
  • Fullstack Development of server and web applications
  • innovation-Driven focus
  • Server-Management and administration
  • Testing of DevOps strategies via CI/CD pipelines based on Gitlab and Rancher
  • Cultural Change, Agile Transformation and Coaching
  • OpenSource Development (Restyaboard)

Working student (Software engineer) - AEB GmbH (04/2015 - 06/2017)

  • Development of international solutions for customs including export, import and transit
  • Close co-operation with foreign counties

Reasearch assistant - University Stuttgart (10/2013 - 04/2016)

  • Development WebVOWL
  • Development OWL2VOWL