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Eduard Marbach

Founder (raydak GmbH) & FullStack Developer

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About Me

Hi! I am freelance software developer from Germany. Currently I am working mainly as Fullstack Developer and DevOps Expert. Beside I founded together with my partner the raydak GmbH for expert level IT consulting. I am interested in state of the art technologies and especially in DevOps culture & strategies. This includes the overall working model combined with building/deployment mechanisms with Docker and Kubernetes. Automizing all parts where possible drives performance and helps focusing on the important parts. Check out the rest of my website to see all the stuff I did!

Aside from tech I am interested in sports like bouldering, hiking and fitness. The best happens when I can combine it with traveling in new countries. The best ideas and creations happen when you can enjoy your daily life while working in amazing locations!

Work Experience

Founder - raydak GmbH (01/2022 - Present)

Fullstack Deveopment & Consulting

  • Expert level Kubernetes Knowhow
  • Expert level AWS architecture
  • Consulting & Workshops

Software Architect - Mercedes-Benz AG (10/2019 - Present)

Fullstack development with focus on DevOps strategies. Responsible as Software architect for future production system.

  • Evaluate and create architectures with AWS for future solution in production environment.
  • PLUS (MES) modernization with regards to cloud providers AWS and Azure
  • Leader of developers for TAFmeasures
  • Maintain/Development on MO360-FTK (Microfrontend Framework)
  • Full development of KPI Dashboard for global IT: Full internally from dev to release to deployment and monitoring! (Kubernetes, Docker, TypeScript, React, Elastic-Stack, Grafana/Prometheus, ...)
  • Project Lead & Development - MO Connect
  • Development of new Dashboard - TAFmeasures
  • DevOps strategy and training with Azure Pipelines
  • Docker, Kubernetes, DHC (Daimler Hybrid Cloud)
  • Adapting and driving OpenID Connect technology

Fullstack Developer - Daimler AG - ITO (06/2018 - 10/2019)

  • WebApp Development
  • Development on Switch (Framework for WebApps)
  • Project-Lead and Development of production application MO Connect
  • Development and Establishment of Daimler Styleguide
  • Different backend and infrastructure projects
  • Driving DevOps strategy base on CI/CD pipelines via Gitlab and Azure DevOps
  • Docker, Kubernetes, DHC (Daimler Hybrid Cloud)
  • Agile Coordinator

Working student (Software engineer) - Daimler AG - ITD (07/2017 - 05/2018)

  • Machine Learning, App-Development
  • Fullstack Development of server and web applications
  • innovation-Driven focus
  • Server-Management and administration
  • Testing of DevOps strategies via CI/CD pipelines based on Gitlab and Rancher
  • Cultural Change, Agile Transformation and Coaching
  • OpenSource Development (Restyaboard)

Working student (Software engineer) - AEB GmbH (04/2015 - 06/2017)

  • Development of international solutions for customs including export, import and transit
  • Close co-operation with foreign counties

Reasearch assistant - University Stuttgart (10/2013 - 04/2016)

  • Development WebVOWL
  • Development OWL2VOWL

Latest Projects

project name

Restyaboard (Kanban Board)

Restyaboard is Kanban Board solution similiar to Trello or Wekan. My role in the project was the introduction of a Docker based deployment solution. Still i am the main maintainer for Docker part of the project. Additionally i have introduced a straigthforward CI solutions to build and release the docker images on base of the DEV branch and Github Tags.


project name

Cloudistry (Master thesis)

Web-based platform for connecting generic services wrapped inside a docker container. Main focus is to integrate and connect machines from the industry a flow-like interacting model like BPMN to produce graphs which represent workflows. Multiple cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, ... are supported for deploying the containers. The communication of the services are based on the messaging infrastructure with Apache Kafka.

Smart Production article

project name

InformatiCup 2017 (2nd place winner)

Competition of the German Association for Computer Science. This year’s InformatiCup challenge is dedicated to the new possibilities that arise based on the application of artificial intelligence and repository mining - based on the social coding platform GitHub. The challenge was to develop an automatic repository classifier of github repositories. The competion was cooperating with GitHub and Amazon.


project name

WebVOWL + OWL2VOWL (Visualization of ontology based data)

OWL (Web Ontology Language) represents ontologies with a formal language. Together with the visual representation VOWL it can be used to visualize connected data. WebVOWL is an WebApp to visualize this language multiple ontologies and analyzing methods. OWL2VOWL is the underlying backend for transforming ordinary defined ontologies in RDF or other formats into the specific JSON structures needed for WebVOWL.


project name

VITA (Visual Analytics for Narrative Text)

The study of novels and the analysis of their plot, characters and other entities are time-consuming and complex tasks in literary science. The digitization of literature and the proliferation of electronic books provide new opportunities to support these tasks with visual abstractions. Methods from the fields of computational linguistics can be used to automatically extract entities and their relations from digitized novels, which can then be visualized to ease exploration and analysis tasks.

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